8 giugno 2012

Eau de Guerlain for me, please!

Yes, yes I know, you've been concerned: "Where the hell are you, darling?" you wrote. Don't worry, I'm working a lot in recent weeks, and don't have much time to spend online. I have three posts, almost ready, but I'm not able to complete them. Ugh. Instead, today I wanted to take advantage of these five-minute hole to tell you one thing that's happening to me: I constantly feel like Eau de Guerlain (Jacques Guerlain, 1974). And I'm unable to wear almost anything else (thus I can't complete the three posts above). L 'Eau de Guerlain is a brilliant, refined Cologne, retaining a strong connection with the idea of ​​countryside, rural places, outdoor life. A particularly harmonious verbena-rosemary accord joins the bitter citrus in the opening, making your skin and thoughts literally "fizz". Considered a classic, a sort of standard, I'we been wearing it now and then since when I was young girl, this is  one of the first "real" perfumes I bought for myself. But it's not nostalgic memory, which  drives me today. I feel a sort of physical need of the feeling of vigor, freshness, light humor this work gives me. For its perfectly refined, sophisticated balance, with no fuss or intellectual mess around.
You know... that sort of involuntary smile that comes when something goes perfectly right, and you just didn't expect it.

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