2 settembre 2012

Neela Vermeire's line: Trayee, Mohur, Bombay Bling (2/2)

In India, contrasts are very obvious: human misery goes hand in hand with spirituality, wildest modernity with traditions, the most glittering glamour with a primitive spirit still breathing in a luscious nature. It's hard to stick to reality and accept that country as it is, the urge to take refuge in the place that we had dreamed of and wanted to visit is strong. That place, however, only exists within us, it's not a real place. Many India-inspired scents speak of an unreal, imaginal India, a magical place of spirit. I like Neela's three, instead, because I find there a truth, a humanity that I didn't expect: they don't tell a dreamed-of India, but a true, daily one.
The triptych of fragrances -like a drama in three acts- tell the history of this nation from the Vedic era to modern times. When this idea -reminiscent of 70's “concept albums” in music- is carried out in a convincing way, adds the compositions an intellectual allure, and this is just the case.
"Trayee" tells of India during the Vedic era, and you can lamost see saints praying ontop of snowy mountains, rivers swelling with the monsoon, temples consecrated to Shiva.
"Mohur" tells the fascinating India during the Mogul/British Raj era, a period characterized by contrasts between ancient traditions and modernity brought by English settlers: it speaks of colorful weddings, majestic monuments, enormous trees laden with ripe fruits of leather harnesses for the Pole.
Bombay Bling” returns the most modern India, that of the skyscrapers, of Bollywood, the beautiful actresses dressed in colorful saris, the trendy nightclubs, the neon signs.

About fragrances themself, I find Trayee an extremely stilish scent smelling dry, balsamic, austere, and somehow even spiritual, featuring a note of spicy vetiver -cold and very intriguing- I loved at first sniff.
Mohur is an exquisite, velvety composition based on Turkish rose, spices and woods that reminded me of rosewater-and-sugar delicacies called “Turkish Delight”; I would love it on a charming, handsome man.
Bombay Bling is a fruity-floral, sumptuous of frangipani, gardenia, rose and jasmine; bubbly, outgoing, glamorous, filled to the brim of “joie de vivre”... absolutely prohibited for the faint of heart, for the strong "push" it gives.

If, as I wrote above, everything in India is contrast, these three fragrances tell how the contrasts can dissolve into one another to create some sort of harmony; dissonant but joyful, lively, cheerful, energetic with at its base, a spiritual truth enabling this joy to surface even when daily life is difficult and troubled. Bravo!

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