6 novembre 2012

The Art of Scent 1889-2012 in New York opening soon!

November 20 will be an inportant date for all of us perfume lovers: “The Art of Scent 1889-2012” exhibition opens in New York (MAD). It will be the first major museum exhibition to recognize scent as a major medium of artistic creation, and all my appreciation goes to Chandler Burr, the curator, for contributing hugely and enthusiastically to the perfumery-as-artform-movement!

The exhibition (closing on Feb 24) focuses on twelve perfumery masterpieces composed between 1889 and 2012 which will include Jicky, created by Aimé Guerlain in 1889; Ernest Beaux’s Chanel N° 5 from 1921; Jean-Claude Ellena’s Osmanthe Yunnan from 2006; and Daniela Andrier’s Untitled, created in 2010.  Each scent will reveal the evolution of aesthetics in perfumery or illustrate major innovations in scent design such as the introduction of synthetic raw materials in the late nineteenth century. Special focus will be given also to the visual aspect of perfumery!

Various events will take place during the exhibition, among them I'm particularly interested in "Synesthesia and Perfume" with Ron Winnegrad on Saturday, November 10, but it's already sold out... 

However there are places for "Design and Structure in Olfactory Art" (Nov 15); Chandler will be sharing some beautiful raw materials with the audience and talking about—and smelling— the growth of the olfactory palette. This sounds extremely inviting: Chandler is a fascinating speaker and I think it would be fantastic to be there.

However, if you plan to be in NY in December, try to be there the 13 for the Lecture “The Birth of a Scent: Spicebomb” by Master perfumer Carlos Benaim (author of Arden's Red Door, Eternity for man for C. Klein, Pure Poison for Dior, Polo and Polo Blue di R. Lauren and may more). Tracing the construction of the perfume Spicebomb, this fully interactive presentation explains the process behind the creation of this work of art. Audience members will receive blotters with the mods Benaim produced on the way to creating Spicebomb, allowing them a rare opportunity to learn how he expertly constructed this scent using a hugely successful contemporary approach to spice materials.

Want to be there, book places or simply know more? Click here to enter the museum's website! Want to read Chandler's profile as curator of the Dept of Olfactory Art Newsweek published a week ago? Click here!

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