23 novembre 2012

The set of Candles from "Gini Fragranze"

During Pitti Immagine Fragranze, last September, I got to spend some time with friends who love perfume the same way I do, but understand it a lot more than me. Through them I always make interesting discoveries and in September, for example, they introduced me to the candles from "Gini Fragranze" line.
Francesco, the creator of "Gini Fragranze" (website here) is a young gentleman coming from a family of prized winemakers of international renown (website here); he's not only got a passion for tastes and smells of his land, but also clear ideas on how to convey them to others. 

He chose to the team from "inFragranti Parfumeur" -who have the ability to transform a "simple" scented candle in a moving watercolor experience- and with them he created his first three offerings: "Contrada Salvarenza", "Colle Foscarin" and "Campo Casanova", presented in Florence last September (very OT but I'm compelled to say it: Francesco made us taste the Recioto wine produced by his family's firm and it was a heavenly experience: try it if you can, and thank God Bacchus for this gift!).
I decided to adopt part of the texts on their website to describe the candles to you: it fits perfectly the feeling offered by the burning candles and I wouldn't have done it better.
Contrada Salvarenza: "We wake up one morning and something is different. The cold winter fog is dispelled, the light is golden and the air is thicker. (...) It's nature calling us back after the long winter sleep. It's the time of the great awakening. It's time to go back to do." I must admit the candle features a fresh, green scent that not only remembers the first spring grass, still tender, the first dew-covered, white flowers, but also some aromatic herb, such as helichrysum and wormwood and perhaps a touch of incense for extra freshness. This one is able to "pull up" your mood and make you smile at times when you're a little blue.
Colle Foscarin: “Young men climb the hill to find rest from the valley sultriness. It is running, chasing, zig zagging through the vineyards, shouting and laughing. It is the sun blessing them in its embrace (...) It is the land silently nourishing all.” This candle is a basket of orchard scents (tomato leaves , sage), and is dry and blinding-bright as a summer day: you almost hear crickets chirping!
Campo Casanova: "When musts boil again, men suddenly quiver with the desire to return to the fields. Yet their vineyards are transfigured. Naked bark skeletons wet with rain. Rough trunks as rough are their hands (...) Everything is getting back inside the deep earth. Everything is still nostalgia. It is the last sigh before the long silence" And in fact it smells fruity like boiling musts, smoke-y like a burning fireplace, delicious with myrrh and benzoin... it makes me want to sit by a fireplace with a hot herbal tea, some spicy sweets, and a huge, soft cat in my lap.

Raw materials used are mostly high quality naturals in high concentration, and also the wax is natural, it burns evenly and since it's green in color, liquefying it creates a beautiful effect with the white glass. It almost seems scented ointment!
During the presentation event I love seeing Francesco (the candlemaker) and his father Sandro (the winemaker) handle bottles of fantastic Gini Soave white wine and scented candles with the same care and sensitivity, as if the base of both products was the same taste/smell heritage, handed down from generation to generation and expressing itself in very similar ways. It was a vision that I keep with joy.

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