20 dicembre 2012

Dec 21st: the day when Heaven was called back to Earth

Tomorrow is Dec. 21, and a short ride on magazines, Radios and TVs and the web will allow you to listen to a myriad of catastrophic predictions about what will happen. Probably, all this pessimism is just a projection of our bad conscience: we all know that human race is badly misbehaving. We spend energy and resources in endless, stupid wars, only dictated by the desire to possess more.
We continue to murder and perpetrate any possible violence against the most vulnerable (women and children in the first place but also the people living in the South of the world, who are still claiming the right to simply survive).

We behave shamefully towards our closest friends and companions -that is animals.
We abuse, pollute and destroy everything we can lay our hands on, considering Gaia as if it were our own possession, while the opposite is true: we are part of and need her.
In short, there would be the basis for a good shake to the Creation, and many people think that tomorrow something bad will happen, just because they are very well aware of this.

But I imagine that if tomorrow something happens it will be due to the intense network of love and focus flowing among millions and millions of human beings worldwide. Maybe we'll realize we are part of a huge human community transcending our single selves, and that if we want to keep living here we need to rewrite our rules. Maybe we'll realize that Heaven is the place where we sit now: it's just a matter of recognizing it and starting to live accordingly. 
I hope December 21 will be remembered for years to come as the "day when Heaven was called back to Earth".

I find consistent celebrating this special day with a game: comment this post with your opinions on this subject, and I will award the three I like more with a sample of a marvelous scent I'm reviewing these days, "L'Homme Infini" by Divine. You have till tomorrow at 11 o'clock!
Have a nice December 21st!

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