14 gennaio 2013

Husband of the year (Eau de Joy)

Today my husband was seeing a customer who wants to renovate her late grandpa's home to move in, thus she called the team of technicians (bricklayer, plumber, electrician, etc.) for a visit. My adorable husband, wandering around the house, notices a packet on a desk, and getting closer to look better, he starts smiling with amazement. He immediately understands he can't go away without the packet, so he asks the customer "Do you need this, or maybe you would give it to me?" with a surprising straight face, stemming from the fact that he already knows how I'll react when I see the gift. The customer says he can keep it, and so the packet gets up to me, tonight.
In the box there's a 3ml sample vial of Eau de Joy (Jean Patou): the original 1955 by Henri Giboulet. Not only my husband remembered that Joy is a perfumery masterpiece, but looking at the box and graphics realized that it is a vintage and since the liquid was pale amber, it is also very well preserved: the fragrance it is almost perfect. Hope to post the picture shortly (the one you see now portrays the mini-size).
The green opening is softened by the most famous and expensive accord (rose/jasmine), gently sinking into a soft carpet of woody and animalic notes such as civet and ambergris, whispering softly on the skin. Magnificent. Joy (composed by Henri Almeras, 1930) was available only as parfum, so Eau de Joy was created as a “parfum de toilette”, thus slightly different and more "easy" to wear. The Joy edt was composed only later on, and when the edp version was created, too, the Eau de Joy was discontinued. 
(not only for things like this, but also for things like this) I love my husband. 

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