5 giugno 2013

Maria Candida Gentile at the Biennale di Venezia!

Perfume aficionados who are also interested in visual arts have one more reason to visit the Biennale di Venezia this year (Venice, June 1 to November 24): at the Italian Pavilion the artist Luca Vitone (more info on him: here) has realized  his work with the aid of master perfumer Maria Candida Gentile.
The room set up by Luca hosts the installation "Per l'Eternità/For Eternity"(which you see in the picture), an achromatic sculpture scented with a rhubarb accord created by Maria Candida:
- Top: Swiss rhubarb (essence)
- Heart: Belgian rhubarb (absolute)
- Base: French rhubarb (essence)

The Italian Pavilion hosts a path of seven themed rooms intended to stimulate reflection on key-themes of our contemporary society: Luce Vitone's art focuses on the concept of landscape and how we experience it. In particular, in the last period, his work portraying the building material called "Eternit", which has devastated our cities' landscapes with its monotonous and dangerous presence, stands as a cry of pain for our poisoned landscape.
More info on the Italian Pavillion: here

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