30 agosto 2013

La Légende de Shalimar: the movie

My friend Camillo, who always treats me with scented goodies he finds on the net, made ​​my day with the brand new video "La Legende de Shalimar" by Guerlain.
I'm posting it for the same reason I posted the video for Dior's J'Adore (here). That is, LVMH (owner of prestigious brands such as Guerlain) realized that consumers got tired of marketing-driven little scents launched in recent years, and needs to make the products launched by its brands "magic/luxurious/seductive" again, like they used to be before buying them.
I find that the best way to capitalize on the concepts of "magic/luxury/seduction" characterizing LVMH's brands would be to respect the masterpieces of the past and produce something of the same quality today, but evidently this is too complicated and expensive a choice to consider it.
Their choice is to wrap scents into beautiful pictures, and hope that consumers will continue to rely on the images to buy them. 

However, since the video is here, let's enjoy the exciting pictures and beautiful love story (though I doubt the beautiful Mumtaz looked like a Russian model), and let's hope for better choices in the future.

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