12 settembre 2013

Pitti Fragranze, at lats!

Tomorrow, the 2013 edition of Pitti Immagine Fragranze is finally opening in Firenze at scenic Stazione Leopolda (public opening on Saturday 14).
This year I will be present all three days, also because the talented perfumer Ineke (her website is here) asked me a little help, so on Friday and Sunday I'll be in her booth. Come to visit us and you'll be introduced into Ineke's line of fragrances, with special focus on the new "Floral Curiosities" series  (I had already spoken about it here), which I find bright, airy and extremely cute. We'll be at stand B12 !

In any case, among the scheduled events (visit Pitti website for the complete programme) I will not miss these:

Friday 13
- At 15:15 the meeting "Memory: Key to Creation" with Jeroen Oude Sogtoen , co- founder of "Mona di Orio", where I hope to smell the new violet fragrance, on which I have great expectations.

Saturday 14
- At 11  I won't miss Alienor Massenet's conference; she's been experimenting the use of smell as a tool for neurological rehabilitation in collaboration with the most important hospitals in Paris and her presentation sounds extremely interesting.

- Following,  I'd  like to listen to  Chandler Burr moderate the conference on the evolution of the perfume industry in the Middle East.

Among the new launches that surely I'll go and sniff:
- Andy Tauer's new fragrance "Nootide Petals". As a follower of Andy's blog I'm already thrilling: a sea of petals (rose, ylang, tuberose... ) dipped into an 8% sandalwood. Slurp.

- The three brand new house fragrances by Maria Candida Gentile. Loving her taste for round, mediterranean, exuberant scents, I've great expectations for these new launches. Maria Candida will be presenting also two new scents: "Noir Tropical" (a very peculiar, nocturnal, sensual and provocative vanilla I liked very much) and "Finisterre" (an ozonic/marine scents with a strong push on aromatic notes). Since I'm going to discover the new line, I will be happy to r these two test calmly and with her explanations.

- I'm very curious  to discover Mark Buxton's new "Emotional Rescue".

- "Konig", is the new scent Yosh told me about months ago in Bologna; and from what I remember I'm expecting a shady, woody, exciting  fragrance...

- Etat Libre d' Orange's "La Fin du Monde". All their latest launches have been outstanding, and I hope this new addition will follow the trend.

- The three new fragrances form L'Artisan Parfumeur ("Amour Nocturne", "Deliria", "Skin on Skin") by Bertrand Duchaufour. It's the first time that L'AP talks about sex, and I'm curios to know how they're doing it. Their website suggests too many gourmand notes for my taste (food isn't necessarily rested to sex, as far as I'm concerned...), but I'm looking forward to smell them.

- I finally will get to know the brand Fueguia 1833 that Italian Customs prevented me from exploring properly a few months ago (the guys are supercute, I can't wait to meet them in person).

- I'd like to explore the brands "My Inner Island" and "Schwarzlose -Berlin" and the project ROADS by Celso Fadelli.

- I won't lose the color path offered by "Colors of Memory Anew" in collaboration with IFF.

And now three days seem too few to do everything...
In any case I'll post daily updates, so stay tuned and have nice time at Pitti Fragranze!

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