15 febbraio 2014

New: Giulietta Capuleti soul drops

These days I'm wearing "Giulietta Capuleti" (Juliet Capulet), a fragrance launched last year by an Italian girl, Brunnhilde Mara De Guidi.
Mara has been raised in Verona, not far from Palazzo Capuleti where Giulietta is said to have lived; day after day she got used to seeing thousands of tourists under the famous window where Juliet showed herself to handsome Romeo... one day Mara began to think about the multifaceted personality of this romantic heroine: strong, passionate,  faithful, and indomitably brave. "Giulietta Capuleti" scent comes out of Mara's admiration for her, a sort of homage to a celebrity -who couldn't test it for reasons of force majeure, but that probably would have loved for its woman/girl and passion/purity ambivalence.
I found it pleasant and upbeat, with a nice boost given by a joyful pink pepper dominating the opening, a quite costly note, compared to its relative uselessness (it lasts 3 minutes and then you don't detect it anymore).
When I smell precious notes at an early stage of a scent, I'm generally inclined to await other precious notes in the following, and in fact the brilliance of the opening is supported by a round and feminine Turkish rose coupled with fruit (peach, I would say) that fits in perfectly: it's the teenager Giulietta madly in love, and smiling like an idiot just because Romeo exists. A cloud of white musk whispers of ​​purity and blushing cheeks, at the base I smell cedarwood, orris, tonka bean and something benzoin-like. A nice composition, soft, sultry, elegant ... it brings to mind the archetype of femininity in perfumery: Rochas Femme  (Edmond Roudnitska, 1943). Giulietta Capuleti smells like a modern, translucent version of that great masterpiece (and I don't mean to diminish its originality, since almost all modern perfumes descends from something that has been launched in the decades 20-50).

What puzzled me though, is the cost: 616 €! Let's state it loud and clear: no perfume is worth that much. Not even if Romeo himself would deliver it in person, resurrected for the occasion and dressed in black leather like Matrix' Neo (sorry for the fetish vision, but everyone has their fantasies...).

I wondered "Who does she think to sell it to?" Then pieces got in place when I read that McCann-Ericksson is in charge for the product communication. I figured that the they must have designed the coordinated image as well: the luxurious packaging (pictured) and the logo with the wings and dagger should be featured in  textbooks. This means that Mara isn't exactly the penniless, romantic artisan next door I had envisioned, but an entrepreneur who knows where to invest in order to position her product in the best possible way. In addition, when I saw her website is in English only (here), I was finally convinced that her "Giulietta" is aimed to an audience that she knows well -she saw them sigh in all languages ​​under the window of Palazzo Capuleti-. They will  appreciate the product in its entirety, taking home a good piece of Italian chic, plus a romantic memory that money can't buy. Brava Mara!

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Sarei davvero curioso di provarlo, dalla tua descrizione deve essere una composizione molto originale, qualcosa che non senti tutti i giorni..