26 febbraio 2014

Parfums Rares/Rare Perfumes: new book by the Osmothèque

Today I'll show you pics of a newly released book, "Parfums Rares" published  by Osmothèque (website) in collaboration with Terre Bleue. The book presents artistic perfumery as a new and important niche inside the perfumery market, and presents some brands of particular interest.

Pages are full of pictures, the text provides anecdotes and brands' histories. There is also an English edition, entitled "Rare Perfumes".

It is important to purchase it because it's interesting and well done,  but especially because it finances the activity of collection, study and conservation the Osmothèque carries on in Versailles. Osmothèque is in fact the only perfume library in the world, the place where thousands of rare fragrances are safeguarded, including some very old and vintages that made the history of perfumery and unfortunately have completely disappeared. 
I had already written about them herehere and here
Those who wish to support the Osmothèque can also join the SAO (Société Amis Osmothèque, membership fee 40 euros). 

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