3 marzo 2014

Uermì: a line of clothes and scents (1/2)

The idea behind this new Italian niche line named "Uermì" is to combine fashion and fragrances (namely, the owner's two passions). In fact, the olfactive interpretation of fabric is not a brand new concept: google any type of fabric (Silk, Cashmere, Tweed, Suede, Organza, Linen, Chiffon) and you'll see dozens scents both new and vintage bearing these names, which means the idea is good. 

What makes Uermì different from the others is that not the single scent, but all the ones in the line are dedicated to fabric ad what's more, they won't be available in perfume stores but in clothing boutiques. A choice I like because Uermì could approach that part of consumers that may be willing to spend money to dress well, but then buy designers' scents thinking they're "quality".
The name "Uermì" is consistent with this concept: it's the transliteration of "Wear me" an invitation applying for clothes as well as perfumes.

OH Denim (by Philippe Bousseton) is the one that, at first, I liked the less. I had read that it was a tuberose, and from tuberose I expect sound, exuberance and sensuality which I didn't find in this scent.  Here tuberose simply blows a gently floral breath over a soft composition of clean musks and white flower. Then one day I took it and spray it without reading the label, and I realized the scent was shimmering like crystal and serene and sophisticated. Next time I'll wear it with a pair of jeans and a white shirt, hair pulled back, in one of those carefree days when I don't need anything over the top and I'd rather just "smell good".
Instead, it was love at first sniff with VE Velvet (by Jean Jacques), a fragrance where vetiver is the absolute star: the beginning is fresh, supported by lemon and spices (star anise?) that almost transfigure it, then cedarwood and patchouli reach the stage bringing out all the smoky, wet, earthy, fascinating vetiver's complexity. I've envisioned a confident,  handsome, elegant man with something "dangerous" well hidden but present, making him rough and irresistible (follows).

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