8 marzo 2014

Uermì: a line of clothes and scents (2/2)

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AB Cashmere (by Jean Jacques) features a cool, sophisticated incense (far away from any idea of ​​church) in which jasmine and osmanthus are immersed. The accord starts fresh and delicately flowery like a breeze ruffling the mirror surface of a lake, and then develops a fruity undertone (osmanthus) and a slightly animal/leather one (indole, present in both), making it a more complex and interesting scent than it seems at first sniff.

NO Suede is the most outspoken of the line: saffron, leather and incense are a trio which seduces immediately. The suede comes off clear, with a soft, comfortable feeling reminiscent of an Harley rider's jacket (the rider's dedicated to fine perfumery, of course!). A velvety, liqueur-y scent, slightly gourmand, which smells expensive (saffron) and suggests Harley rides to distant lands.

The three fragrances are authored by Takasago's Philippe Bousseton, Jean Jacques and Antoine Lie under the artistic direction of Palmiro Peaquin are sophisticated even a little posh  and share a contemporary feel;  can be worn by men and women alike (just like fabrics...). I enjoyed the fact that may also stand alone, that is, scents "speak" beyond the fabric that inspired them. Two offer a more "earthy", shadowy appeal (Velvet and Suede), while two are brighter and airier  (Denim and Cashmere). 
Just like a cashmere sweater looks great under a velvet jacket, and a suede jacket is perfect over a pair of jeans, I thought that these scents, too, should smell great together, so I did my tests. I sprayed Denim with Cashmere and then Cashmere with Velvet and got good results: I recommend to  absolutely combine them into a personal wardrobe.
The only arguable choice is their presence:  excluding Suede, which is the noisier of the set, I would have liked greater presence and longer duration, since the scents are beautiful and well made. But you know, I'd only wear  extracts...

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