29 aprile 2014

Bogart City Tower (2008)

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When I sprayed Bogart City Tower I thought "I would have never tried this of my own free will, but... well, it's quite something!" The fragrance is built around a rich and exuberant accord of woody/spicy/gourmand notes, whose modernity is immediately obvious, not only because the gourmand trend in men's scents dates the last 15 years (BCT is more or less contemporary with scents featuring similar accords, such as New Haarlem by Bond N.9 and Rochas Man) but also because it includes oud; although it is hidden in the midst of such a wealth of sparkling sensations, you detect it pretty easily, revealing this as a launch from the last decade. 
In any case the fragrance is fun, light-hearted, all its facets develop loud and clear on the skin, delivering a sultry and unconventional feel: those wear this perfume show at least the desire to get rid of the "clean/shaven/cool/manly" stereotype I find truly depressing. Why men shouldn't be entitled to richer, rounder and textured scents?
The raw materials used in this fragrance aren't anything special, but they're not central, here what counts is originality and "push". Persistence, instead is terrific: sprayed in the evening after dinner, the morning after was still displaying its base notes. All in all I liked it, I found it sparkling, exuberant, fluorescent, with a "self-confident and rampant businessman" mood, played in a pleasant way: I'm sure after work the businessman takes his tie off and goes to get a drink in Sottoripa (*) with his  friends.

(*) A place in the historic center of Genoa, full of little places where you can relax and drink something good.

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