1 aprile 2014

Roja Dove: Britannia (2012)

Britannia is a fragrance by Roja Dove, launched in 2012 to celebrate the sixtieth year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's reign. The inspiration behind the creation of this fragrance comes from the coronation ceremony, that time when the Queen is anointed with holy oil, thus suggesting the idea that she (or King) is such by God's  will. As citizen of a Republic, and with no particular interest in Christian religion, I find these topics hardly fascinating, nonetheless I understand they make a great story for a perfume (especially if you have to justify a price tag of 600 euros).
Britannia (why "Britannia" in Latin and not "Britain" in English? What a strange choice!) is my "first time" with Roja Dove, I had never smelled anything by this composer and I could try it thanks to my friend Cristian (ie Adjiumi, click here for the forum). 

The opening is a rich blend of flowers and spice: orange, rose, jasmine and cinnamon melt into a golden liquor, warm, round, with a full "body". The raw materials sound loud and clear in all their splendour, rose and jasmine are high quality and used without savings, you hear them beating in unison. After the first half hour the scent slips into a softer and smoother texture, where musk and civet (their good substitutes), ambergris, myrrh and benzoin blend with orris and vanilla in a classic and articulate base, supporting all the fragrance and offering a velvet cushion on which rose and jasmine shine like crown jewels. A base accord smelling a lot like guerlinade (the base characterizing all Guerlain fragrances of the past), not only because they share a lot of notes, but also for their rich and soothing feel, which melts something in your heart. You can smell the fact that Roja Dove is in love with all Guerlain's classics; Britannia recalls all vintage Guerlains you can name, without one in particular coming to mind. It simply smells "Guerlain".

Britannia is really a great scent: well done, with beautiful raw materials, perfect projection, lasting power, a strong character. In addition, it even has a nice story behind: God and the Queen.

That said, the only Guerlain perfume on which I would spend 600 Euros is a vintage original (and if I may ask, I'd prefer the parfum of Apres l'Ondée or Djedi. Now that I wrote it, I know the universe will strive so that I may obtain it...) .

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