30 giugno 2014

A trip to Taif with Gian Luca Perris (1/3)

For the May meeting of my course I invited Gian Luca Perris (founder of Perris Monte Carlo -website here-) to join the party and speak about the beautiful perfume named "Rose de Taif " he launched last year. I could try at Pitti Fragranze; on that occasion he showed me the photoreport of his journeys to Taif in search of the legendary Taif rose producers. He went there because he wanted to import the precious nectar he needed for the perfume he was about to create. So I invited him to Genova to share his story with participants to my meetings, and he accepted.

The meeting was extremely exciting, during the two hours il lasted Gian Luca told us how this precious rose is grown, harvested, processed, and he ended up with us swooning over it.
He also provided other raw materials including a Saudi Arabian oud and a really wonderful, creamy, nutty cedarwood Atlas which reminded me of Mysore sandalwood a lot.
Would you like to join me to discover the legendary Taif rose? Take a seat, then, and read the next posts.

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