20 giugno 2014

This morning

This morning I was in a perfumery shop downtown, as I wanted to smell some new launches (from Armani, Hermès, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier, Reminiscence, Sisley). I sprayed what seemed a thousand strips hoping that something might strike my fantasy and whisper "Wear me!". 
But no, apparently nothing made me want to wear it on skin. My brain sememd unable to switch to something higher than “bland” “nondescript” “cheap”, the maximum was a “meh”. 
Was it me... or them?
Then I saw the “sale” basket and exploring it, I decided to spray on my wrist a little Tuscany for Men (citrus, black pepper, cumin, woods, for a fragrance that exudes pride from the first note to the last), then opted for Lancaster (a beautiful amber-y 80s scent reminiscent of Guerlain Samsara without the sweetness, Jil Sander 4, C.Klein's Obsession without the stickiness, and Venezia by Biagiotti) on the other wrist. Then on a shelf I saw that wonder of elegance and arrogance that is YSL's Rive Gauche and I say to myself “Yes darling, come on...” and I went on sprayng on the coat.
These three old friends enveloped me in gorgeousness, vibration, sheer beauty.
Ahhh, so it was not me, after all!  

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