12 luglio 2014

Perris Monte Carlo: Rose de Taif (2013)

For his "Rose de Taif" fragrance, Gian Luca Perris visited the producers of Taif rose (about twenty labs), asked for oil samples, had them analyzed in a lab, and then got an agreement to buy lots of essential oil (I told his travels in Taif in previous posts, starting here). 
His next step was applying for the oil certification (in Europe, any component used in perfumery needs undergoing tests for certification). 
Finally, several months after the start of this adventure, Gian Luca was able to devote time and thoughts to a fragrance to add to his "Perris Monte Carlo" line. The main feature of this line lies in the fragrances being built around a raw material of particular interest, well recognizable and highlighted by the other notes.

For his "Rose de Taif" Gian Luca wanted a simple yet sophisticated composition, highlighting the unique qualities of this particular variety of rose. 
And in fact the exquisite rose Taif is introduced and supported by a very natural, greenish geranium, while its longevity, which would not exceed two hours, is elongated by a damask rose absolute, also adding a body and a presence that Taif alone would not convey (Taif rose is airy and bright). To enhance the fresh, bitter side citrus was added, while a musk base gently illuminates everything. 
The result is both sophisticated and natural: a really lovely scent smelling of moist petals, of cherry ice cream melting among bursts of laughter, of summer nights spent whispering of love at the fireflies light. 
Rose de Taif  will mesmerize all rose fans, and conquer even those who aren't too enthusiastic about this flower (... me, for one).

Kudos to Gian Luca Perris for this beautiful scent, and a huge thank you, both for sharing his adventure with us and for sending me pictures to show you. 

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