17 dicembre 2014

Adjiumi Award 2014 Contest

The first time Cristian spoke about this  I thought the idea was beautiful, and I looked forward to seeing it realized, so today I'm happy to participate at the "Adjiumi Award 2014".
This award obviously has no professional claim: the 'official' awards, those which mean money are selected by juries of  super-specialized journalists and beauty gurus.
This award, instead, is assigned by those people who regularly buy perfumes -MANY every year- and want to say to brands/composers/retailers: "Thank you, I appreciate what you do, go ahead like this, please."

Categories are:

Best 2014 Perfumer
Best 2014 Italian Retailer
Best 2014 Perfume House
Best 2014 Perfume Name
Best 2014 Mass Market Feminine Launch
Best 2014 Mass Market Masculine Launch
Best 2014 International Perfume launch
Best 2014 ITALIAN Perfume Launch

In addition, four special prizes (with motivation) will be announced January 12.

Votes may be given by mail, on Facebook or on the Forum; click here to enter the summary page and get all the details to vote.

I'm considering the nominations, I don't know all of the scents,  others have to resmell before voting ... then maybe I'll write my selections.
And you? Who have you voted / would you vote?

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