15 luglio 2015

Masque Milano: Terralba (Delphine Thierry), Luci ed Ombre (Meo Fusciuni), Tango (Cecile Zarokian)

Terralba (by Delphine Thierry) tells that moment when you left the car in the road, several meters back, and you've gone into the pine forest, following a small path of stones and twigs that you know will get you in front of the sea, with its intense blue. But the sea is only a pretext, in this perfume you don't really perceive it at all; no splashing wave refresh the air because all you perceive are the scents  around you: bitter, resinous, intense, tipycally mediterranean, melting into each other, releasing all their sensual and almost tactile charm (sage, citrus, myrtle, thyme, curry leaves, helycrisum, juniper, cypress, cedarwood).
This is a perfume that gives the skin thrills: it's wild, very natural, yet at the same time is elegant and well structured, harmoniously sewed as you would expect from a modern perfume.

Luci ed Ombre (Lights and Shadows, composed by Meo Fusciuni) is a scent that explores the middle ground that separates (or joins, perhaps?) light and darkness, joy and melancholy, day and night. Hard to choose between the two options, since both carry a special charm and appeal to us for different reasons ... In this light fragrance, Light is represented by a fresh and glowing incense, and Shadows is played by... incense again, a note so multifaceted and multiform, that based on what you marry it with expresses always different facets. An interesting, fun work enjoyable by men and women equally, it is one of those scents that make your mind travel.

Tango, by Cecile Zarokian is presented this way on the website: "A Midsummer Night. A veranda surrounded by flowers, wooden tables, a liqueur. And music" Infact the fragrance exudes a liqueur-y sweetness, with sensual sambac jasmine, damask rose and amber accord, introduced by notes of citrus and spices (bergamot, black pepper, cardamom and cumin). Below, a mix of woods and sweet notes of vanilla and tonka bean blows a mellow sweetness on all the perfume. Elegant, soft as a caress, is steeped in a warm ambery light and that makes it the most immediatley pleasant of the five, languid and sensual just like the dance whose name it bears. It lasts long with a velvety woody drydown.

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