21 luglio 2015

New from BOIS 1920: Aethereus, Spigo 1920, Oro 1920, Verde di Mare (1/2)

 Bois 1920 (Bottega Italiana dello Spigo -  Italian Aspic Atelier- website here) is an Italian perfumery brand estabilished in the niche market almost 10 years ago. Its founder, Enzo Galardi, is also the creator of all the perfumes. 

The line now offers 25 fragrances, all made with taste and elegance, some of which are becoming small classics: Sushi Imperiale for example is a very unique salty gourmand, Sutra Ylang features a ylang ylang note of rare sophistication, Real Patchouly is a nice classic, lively patchouli Agrumi di Sicilia is a dry and bitter Cologne, very elegant and modern. 
But if you have the chance, I would advise you to try them all, because in the contemporary "artistic" market, where many new brands shout out loud to be heard, BOIS 1920 features a good taste and a composure rare to find and refreshing.
Last year Bois 1920 launched four new releases: Aethereus, Oro 1920, Verde di Mare, Lavanda 1920.

The first one I tried was Aethereus, a floral-gourmand scent immediately pleasant, built around a blend of coconut and citrus, a heart of tuberose, tonka bean and woods. It smells of summer holidays on exotic beaches of blinding-white sand, tiny bikini and tanned skin. Summer would be its perfect timing but for me perfumes like this are at their best in winter times, when they're able to bring back a smile on gray days. (follows here)

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