14 agosto 2015

A new line named MiN New York: The Botanist, Long Board, Onsen, Dune Road, Shaman 1/2

During the last edition of Pitti Immagine Fragrances I fell in love with a new American brand: MiN New York (website here
I had a friendly chat with Mindy Yang, the exquisite founder of the boutique with the same name Mindy, a true perfume lover who brought to her store the best international perfume brands (and among Italians there are BOIS 1920, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Nobile 1942, Odori, Xerjoff, Dr. Vranjes) together with other cosmetic items for the face, body and hair, for shaving, as well as sophisticate chocolates and candies. In short, one of those stores where you would like buying everything. 
A couple of years ago she decided to start her line named MiN New York, and asked help to compose these are 11 extraordinary fragrances, true polaroid pics taken in places and situations that arise emotions and memories.
They "inspire people to think differently to perfumes" her website says,  and in fact these fragrances are definitely different. Challenging, intense, exceptionally captivating... that is all that artistic perfumery should be. After all the crap I've smelled in recent times, these scents came to reassure me the future of perfumery will be full of exciting surprises.
Those that I could try on skin are Dune Road, Shaman, Long Board, The Botanist, Onsen.

Dune Road
A fragrance to celebrate the summer walks on sand dunes. It opens with a green note rough and natural, vaguely disturbing and shady; wild vegetation around the dunes, then the smell of the salt trail of dry weeds left on the shoreline, woods brought from the sea, along with the smell of damp and salty sea wind. Crisp absinth leads the bouquet, is the star of the perfume, and makes love with a dry and bright cardamom; then algae and a slightly smoky vetiver, which collects all the rest and seams it well together. Very evocative and exciting.(follows)

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