19 agosto 2015

A new line named MiN New York: The Botanist, Long Board, Onsen, Dune Road, Shaman 2/2

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Long Board

A scent like a strong energy boost, a tribute to summer days spent on the surfboard; sea salt on naked skin, warm sand, coconut scented sun cream. The blinding yellow sun is evoked by the sparkling notes of cardamom and orange blossom, the ocean by ozonic notes, coconut and vanilla evoke laughter, lightness carefree; closing notes of vetiver and amber give support and body to the whole composition.

A deep and meditative perfume, calm, stabilizing, almost mystical, characterized by a gently earthy, smoky patchouli coupled with nutmeg and incense, with a heart of majestic cistus labdanum, rose absolute, ambergris, storax and honey.

The Botanist
A dream of many turned into reality: The Botanist smells exactly like the inside of a florist's. Fresh flowers, velvety petals, leaves and green stems immersed in water, fresh fruit baskets, hands in the earth. Wet, green, earthy, with fruity accents: a true poem.
The fragrance unfolds along fruity notes of apple, bergamot and grape, floral notes of peony, rose, lily of the valley, where vetiver, musk and ambergris lend support and body.

This fragrance (the one I loved most) was inspired by Japanese volcanic hot springs, and in this case not only the evocation of the place is perfect, but also the ritual/mystical link with the cleansing water and communion with nature that characterizes those places. The fragrance is fresh, watery, earthy and mineral as the rocks from which the water flows from; green as the nature that surrounds these sources, introspective, purifying, as a dip in one of these pools of water, a relaxing ritual to sweep away all the disturbing thoughts crowding our minds and find focus again. The scent features absinth, bergamot, fennel, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, pine needles, cypress, ozonic notes, oak moss, vetiver, ambergris.

All these scents are evocative not only of the places to which they refer, but also of the moods that characterize these places and this is really extraordinary, for me. 
I loved them also from a structural point of view, because they are built perfectly, with real openings and solid, elegant drydowns. They're round and well textured, with perfect projection, but at the same time they're also simple and somehow linear. Delicate and powerful at the same time.  
Maybe not all of them will live hours on the skin, but this is the only question I've got.
Please, try them on, just to see oh exciting perfumery may get whenever courage and openmindness are allowed to be part of the project!

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