1 agosto 2015

New from BOIS 1920: Aethereus, Spigo 1920, Oro 1920, Verde di Mare (2/2)

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Oro 1920 is the most complex and multi-faceted of the four new releases; a dry, bitter, almost mystical leather note. It opens with a cool and smoky accord of ginger, incense and fir, which binds a refined and elegant heart of osmanthus, orris, May rose, guaiacwood and opoponax. Tobacco, beeswax, benzoin and vanilla amplify the shadowy, magical depths of this scent.

Verde di Mare is an ozonic scent, dry and bitter with green (lily-of-the-valley) and salty hues (Calone and other ozonic musks). This is one of those fragrances which, even if being not particularly challenging, are successful because they're linear, simple, clean, very modern, wearable on any occasion.

Lavanda 1920 is a dry and poudree lavender scent, elegant, focusing on the marriage of lavender essential oil and the absolute (an expensive note, flowery with a touch of warm hay, very charming). The powdery side of lavender is juxtapposed by the fresh and pungent note of lavandin (a lavender hybrid) whose pungent, green, herbal freshness binds well with frankincense and geranium. The woody base of Cashmeran wraps all the perfume in a classic and elegant veil. Very well done!

All the perfumes are in Eau de Parfums  concentration and feature the right intensity, that is perceptible but unobtrusive; Aethereus and Verde di Mare live a little shorter than what I'd have liked but… it's ok all the same, I resprayed and the joy went on.

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