16 settembre 2015

Pitti Fragranze Report 2015

This year's edition of Pitti Fragranze (english website here) did not disappoint my expectations: there really was lots and lots of stuff to smell, even too much, so much that one day is no longer enough to visit all the most important brands, it takes at least two, while the three are a right amount of time required to visit the established ones and discover the "Spring" section. This means that this exhibition keeps growing and attracting more and more exhibitors and buyers every year. 
As for the brands on display many booths were constantly crowded, which I believe is a good sign.
I attended the talk on Capua Calabrian Bergamot, moderated by Cristian Cavagna, founder of Adjiumi Forum (here). Images were shown of harvesting and processing the fruits. I'll write of it soon. 

The artistic installation "OGGETTI D'ARTE. FORMA, COLORE, PROFUMOconsisted in matches of perfumes present in the exhibition and  paintings by contemporary artists sharing the same mood/topic: loneliness, joy, sensuality, spring etc.
The author was Chandler Burr and in some cases I was struck by how the "couple" fragrance/painting worked well!

Among the fragrances that I liked more: Malia (Nobile 1942), Pichola (Neela Vermeire Creations), Idyllwild (Ineke), The Orchid Man (Frapin), Crysolithe (Olivier Durbano), the four Parfums by Perris, Olfattology (the new line by Enzo Galardi), Sunshine for man (Amouage), the line Baruti, the news MinNew York line available in 2016. 

In the coming weeks I will write about all these fragrances and many more that I could smell.

Oh, there were bijoux by Vincenzo Spanò, too. Every year I try not to buy up loads of necklaces and earrings, but generally I can't resist...

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