30 novembre 2015

Ephemera by Unsound: Bass, Noise and Drone 1/2

These days I could try three fragrances of the "Ephemera" project: Bass, Noise and Drone (these are the three names) are pleasant and interesting scents, but what captured me was the combination of sound, video and scent. The overall project is curated by Polish collective "Unsound", which explores an idea of kinesthetic art, which is able to involve more senses.
Video artist Marcel Weber has authored the three videos that make up the visual part of the project, while the three pieces of music that go with the videos have three different authors: Steve Goodman aka Kode9 (Bass), Ben Frost (Noise) and Tim Hecker (Drone). The olfactory part is created by by Geza Schon (Escentric Molecules, Ormonde Jayne, Biehl's etc). 
The idea is to smell each fragrance while watching -and listening with headphones- the video clips.
The idea is not new, in the 60s some movies had tried to use the sense of smell to involve more of the public; in some cases the fragrances were emitted from vents in the seats of the spectators, while in other cases they were given scented cards on entrance, to smell when the right number appeared on screen. Attempts to combine two or more senses in an artistic experience have been made in music, and some artists have sprayed the public with different scents depending on the mood of the songs that were playing (Jovanotti is one of them).
I already wrote about Roberto Vitone'a visual/olfactive installations at the Biennale; the list of what you can do -and that is going to be done- is really long and goes in many different directions.
Ephemera is very abstract and contemporary at the same time, I like it, and I appreciate very much the opportunity to explore a feeling/concept/emotion at 360°: it's extremely stimulating!
As for my feelings, while sounds and fragrances showed a certain harmony in all the three, they share the same vibration, somehow.  The visual part was the one in which I recognized less affinity. If you want to know something more, here you have the scents link and the videoclips link

Ephmera, in its declination video + sounds + perfumes is part of an art installation also equipped with a drawing visible under UV light. The project in its entirety was presented in New York in 2014, and then traveled to Poland (Krakow) and Norway (Tromso); if you are interested to see it live in its next moves, you can contact the email found on their website.

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