2 marzo 2016

Bogues Profumo: Maai and O/E

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MAAI was chosen as the scent of the main female character; it starts with an unusual green tuberose, bright, fresh, spicy, even rough, coupled with an animalic sambac jasmine. But the real surprise pops out after 30 minutes, when you think you understand who you are dealing with, and instead a classic chypre accord takes the scene with its shady, pungent, personality; its slightly leathery/smoked background joins the tuberose and transfigures it. The transition is not so slow: moments ago you had sprayed Scarlett O'Hara and you find yourself holding hands with Rhett Butler! This joke, which must not have been easy at all to do, put me in a good mood, I found it funny, I was struck and amazed (and this does not happen often), especially because it has not become a fragrant cacophony, but still remained interesting, original and above all, wearable.

O/E, too, is strange and particular, a citrus/aromatic which lasts very much on the skin. Here again, you find a "barbershop" touch that -when it's really just a touch- implies an idea -which is mostly incoscious- of cleanliness and timeless elegance. Above this note is a meadow just wet from a thunderstorm, which slowly dries and lights up by sunshine. Bright green, freshness, some wet flowers, unripe citrus fruits, cut grass, the crystalline light piercing the clouds. If I were an insect, I'd love being in a place like this. However, since we are not insects, Antonio has judiciously inserted also some modern note (white musk, Iso Esuper, some synthetic wood), which helps the wearability and imparts an absolutely contemporary taste and a feeling, but remaining original in its own right. 
Good job, I've worn it with great satisfaction.

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