11 marzo 2016

Quality of Flesh (Michele Marin for HomoElegans, 2015)

The second scent in the  HomoElegans line (website here), "Quality of Flesh" is inspired by the painter Francis Bacon, who once said "I like men. I like their brains, I like the quality of their flesh."
On HE site you can read: "Drunk with the gin of Soho's pubs. A mixture of smoke and grotesque laughters.
He oozes art and swallows life. London's streets are damp and dark, rich of sensations, attractions, temptations.
The ferocious excitement of male bodies. Muscles, hair, flesh.
A brief oblivion that loosens the constant traction of the spirit.
A tender and violent love, born from the feebleness of left out men".
Here again Michele's ability to translate all this into a perfume has surprised me.
There's smoke, alcohol, poetry combined with fierce animality, sweat, despair only a bit mitigated by physical attraction ... The fragrance is not at all sweet, domesticated or "sober", but on the contrary smells wild and shady. Yet the result is never "too much": it is perfectly wearable, warm, unusually hoarse in a good way, enveloping.
The start is spicy and dusty with juniper, pink pepper and black pepper, then narcissus, patchouli, styrax, leather, benzoin, all wrapped in animal notes like costus, castoreum and civet.
Beautiful even on a woman's skin.

Both this scent and "Tadzio" are in high concentration, and stay powerful for at least three hours, then become unusual skin scents skin lasting for 3 hours more. On clothes, of course, a lot more.

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