6 aprile 2016

Chef's Table, Coda and Forever Now (Min New York, 2015)

A few months ago the new collection of MiN New York scents was launched. You already know my love for this brand, that in the first line was able to create a bunch of masterpieces of moving beauty (here is my post). Today I'm reviewing Chef's Table, Coda and Forever Now, among the most beautiful of the new line. 

My favorite is Chef's Table, a mix of fruit (bergamot), flowers (iris and Turkish rose), spices (clary sage, basil) and garden herbs (tomato leaves), sitting on a base of musk, tonka bean and ambergris. Thin, transparent, as bright as the first days of spring, slightly gourmand but not in a vanilla way, recalls the work of a cutting edge chef, renowned for his/her creative dishes, colorful, beautiful, where you do not eat anything cooked in traditional manner, but you enjoy unusual flavors, and the experience leaves you surprised and exhilarated. A delicate job, an ethereal and fascinating olfactory watercolor. It lives long, staying mild and transparent all the time; the trail gets greener.

Forever Now is a bright light pop, cold, crystalline (coriander, pink pepper, aldehydes, frankincense), combined with geranium, cedarwood, sandalwood (Santalum album) and cistus absolute. The scent stays bright and cold for a long time, with the cold, elegant, sophisticated frankincense note starring the entire composition. The idea of ​​a bright and rarefied incense is not brand new, but the result is extremely charming, wearable, contemporary.

Coda combines aromatic notes (eucalyptus and mint), spices (cinnamon, nutmeg) and woods -slow, noble, majestic, taking all the time to evolve and do their magic (cypress, cedar wood, patchouli, cistus absolute). These notes develop a dusty warmth, a refined smoothness, with something lightly smoked - no sweetness at all- that I would see very well especially on male skin. Also because underneath all this elegance, the barely perceptible aromatic notes bring a lighthearted current, which almost seems to wink to the wearer. Pleasant, comfortable, extremely well done, and long living on skin.

All MiN New York fragrances  choose delicacy over impact, intimacy over glamour. But this does not mean "feeble"; they sit well on the skin, with well-composed structures, without holes or compositional oddities.

On the site you will find, for $ 25, the sample set to try them all!
Here you find the second set (5 samples) 
Here you find the first set (11 samples)

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