27 aprile 2016

Latex (Antoine Lie for Uermì, 2015)

In the last days I reached only for challenging and unusual perfumes, things that have a temperament to hold off. My choice fell often on Latex, a fragrance in the Uermì line. Some time ago I had reviewed it for their site (here); I wrote that it was the most interesting ozonic/marine scent I'd ever tried. And wearing it now, I realize I have not changed my mind a bit: it is the only representative of this family I've ever had the wish to wear.
The start is fresh, airy, salty, with a feeling of very modern simplicity and cleanliness, typical of all the fragrances in the ozonic family, combining the glazed brilliance of aldehydes and the freshness of marine notes. Latex also features the pungent and metallic feeling, very interesting, of rose oxide. If the fragrance ended here, Latex may be one in a sea of many, and I would have had no reason to wear it in these "strange" days.
The fact is that at this point, where others ozonic scents fit floral or woody notes, Latex shows a strange sweetness openly recalling an idea of ​​sensuality: t's due to an indole note, which with its decadent charm (it is the smell perceived in rotting flowers, corpses, faeces etc.) stimulates some primitive area of ​​our brains with an irresistible, magnetic force. This sensual note, dirty, creepy, alongside the ozonic feeling, all clean and "harmless", makes this the most unusual and intriguing composition: ambivalent like those carnivorous plants, with a simple tube structure attracting insects with a sweet, apparently harmless offering, and then closing on them in a deadly embrace. Latex shows a surprising, interesting and unusual complexity, that absolutely fits these days of mine.
By the way, since the fragrance is composed mainly of muscs, acquires intensity and boldness as pass minutes pass by, creating a bright bubble around the wearer.

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