22 giugno 2016

Osmothèque celebrates its 25th anniversary

Celebration for the 25 years of Osmothèque (the International Conservatory of Perfumes): Thursday, June 30, 2016 - Versailles

Jean Kerléo, founder and first President of the Osmothèque will tell the creation of this organization inaugurated in 1990. He will present 25 authentic masterpieces of the past, explaining how it was possible to rebuild these lost fragrances to pass them to posterity.

Patricia de Nicolaï, President of Osmothèque for over 8 years, will discuss the Osmothèque today, and the vision of its future. She will explain how important this special place has become, its role in the recognition of a trade, and the global reach of this profession.

Osmothèque website: here 

Contact: Anne-Cécile POUANT - 01 39 55 46 99


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