27 settembre 2016

News from Pitti Fragranze

Preparing to visit the last edition of Pitti Immagine Fragranze (link), I planned to only smell fragrances of new brands, just launched on the market. On the one hand I wanted to get an overall idea of ​​the new trends, and on the other I was hoping to be surprised by original fragrances, with character, with real stories behind. Entering the exhibition, the first three stands I visited were sensational: Oriza Legrand, Dusita and Cercle des Parfumeurs Createurs. From then on, the whole Pitti experience was pure bliss. Lots of creativity, passion and expertise. The one just past, for me it was the most interesting show in recent years.
So these days I'm sniffing and testing many perfumes and preparing a series of posts dedicated to:
Eperdument by Antonio Alessandria,
Lankan Forest by Maria Candida Gentile,
Sandalwood and Perdizione by Nobile 1942
Or+Ange by Uermì
Quartana - Les Potions Fatales
Oriza Legrand
Le Cercle des Parfumeurs Createurs
Maison Encense
Migone candles

Candles "Are you ready to Smell?

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