15 agosto 2017

New from Vero,profumo: Naja (2017)

In Vero Kern's intentions (a composer who is able to enchant me as very few others), her new scent Naja had to represent the archetype of the snake. Of Cobra, to be precise.
Cobra as Earth's emissary, embodying its warmth, its primitive and dragging force, the power to give and take life. Naja is shamans' wisdom, the knowledge of the cycle of souls. Naja is the twists surrounding you, the hypnothic look, the darkness of the hidden den.
This perfume reminded me of some masterpieces of the past -very much past- featuring a warm, soft tobacco note: Molinard's Habanita, Caron's Tabac Blond and above all Lanvin's marvelous Scandal. But also Coty's Ambre Antique, Weil's Zibeline and some Lentheric. That is, half a  dozen tobacco scents' ancestors. The best of the best.
Because Vero's true skill, which makes her so special and unique, is her ability to absorb the lessons of classical perfumery, master them in her personal way and re-work them with her contemporary, original voice, avoiding the “outdated” feel. No one else is able to do it, and I bow at her talent.
Her new Naja literally melts with the wearer's skin with that “perfumed aura” feeling so rare to be achieved, and lasts forever, enveloping like a caress, as elegant as a pair of precious gloves.
It is built around a leather accord, enriched and rounded up by osmanthus with its incredible apricot facet, and hints of honey and linden, giving it a tender and powdery direction. That's all. Simple, right?
But inside, much more than this is happening. 
There is an ancestral wisdom, that of shamans who know how to redeem conflicts between worlds, there is a ton of maternal love, embracing you without forcing you, and above all there are long, murmured speeches in front of the fire, skin on skin, eyes in the eyes, one sigh after another until dawn.

Well, isn't this stuff perfumes should be about?

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