5 settembre 2017

Superstitious (Elbaz and Ropion for EdP Malle, 2017)

I love floral aldehydic fragrances. I've been wearing so many of them, with their different voices, personalities, differences. But this one, well, no. And I'm sorry to say so.
Superstitious, by Alber Elbaz and Dominique Ropion for Frederic Malle is a perfectly executed scent, but...it smells terribly agée. 

Had it been released in the 1970s or 1980s it would have been correct, but today it is simply out of time.
I imagine that Elbaz, as a child, had a mother, aunt, grandmother or someone else who was wearing powerful floral aldehydics so fashionable then. And that these have impressed Elbaz' memory so powerfully that when he was having his fragrance composed, he ended up recreating a perfect resumè.
Blossoming, water-like, cold and green notes associated with rose, jasmine and a ton of aldehydes feature the ideal accord to pull out that clean, cold, soapy sensation typical of vintage aldehydic florals. I wore it on skin, and half a history of perfume jumped on me.
Inside Superstitious you smell White Linen by Estèe Lauder (Grojsman, 1978), Eternity by Calvin Klein (Grojsman, 1988), Anais Anais by Cacharel (R. Pellegrino, 1978), a hint of Dioressence (G. Robert,1979) and Diorissimo (Roudnitska, 1956).

What a pity: Elbaz had His Majesty Ropion available for composing his fragrance, and he could only get this out...

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