15 settembre 2009

Sniffa-Pitti part 1

As you may know, last Saturday the Sniffa-Pitti took place during Pitti Immagine Fragranze event. At 10 o’clock I received the first call, from my friend Sabricat Glamour: "Ehy darling, where are you, I'm already here at the entrance!!!". Time to get off the taxi and I was overwhelmed with hugs and laughter of people who were realizing only at that moment that they were part of the same, huge group. The glue as usual was my face, which appears in the profile opposite here (it’s a bit embarrassing, frankly, that you may recognize and call me by name while I don’t know who the hell you may be) and in fact when I arrived, the group got together bursting into a general "Come on, you're Roberto/Glifi/Diakranis/Nynive/etc., how nice to meet you live!". I could write 10 posts only telling about the magical moment when people meet for the first time. It moves me deeply. A lot of people believe that Internet depersonalizes relations but I believe that in many cases it may create strong binds between individuals who share a common interest, and that never would meet without it. Technology in the service of pleasure and meeting. It’s a concept that melts something sweet inside me.
However, at the end of all presentations, exchange of bottles and filled and/or empty vials, in we went. First we got to meet Vero Kern. Someone had already met her at Exsence last spring, someone else had read about her. She presented her three gems: Kiki (the most unusual lavender, intriguing yet rigorous, lasting for hours), Rubj (an orange flower/tuberose) and Onda a salty leather, intense yet extremely comfortable, which can leave you speechless for the daring juxtaposition. It takes a special sensitivity, to get this refined result from such a difficult accord, the risk is a “too much” result, or unpleasant or mundane.
I noticed once again that, more or less, everyone sighed with pleasure at least for one of the three, and Vero wisely gave some vials to everybody, to try them at ease and become addicted (don’t know what she puts in her fragrances to make them ring so soundly on the skin). Imai whispered me in the ear that Rubj puzzled him on the mouillette so I convinced him to try it on skin to see a different result. Eh eh my dear, don’t you know me yet? I find that some tuberose scents give their best on men’s skin, and I enjoyed it very much on you. Of course it takes the right scent and the right man, and in this case I found the contrast between the sound of this brilliantly flowery scent and your masculine features worked real magic...
Then we moved to speak with Etienne de Swardt of Etat Libre d'Orange. He finally introduced us the "Fat Electrician", the new fragrance in the line, a comfortable vetiver with no edges nor mold, almost soft and sensual. It made me think of the fat, soft ass of the abovementioned electrician, which amused me enough. And since someone goes crazy at times, Nynive asked secretly Etienne to spray Secretions Magnifiques on her skin, and... now she's in love. She spent a while on her own, and when the opening burst was over, came to make me smell it. Here, what to say ... I don’t understand it, I’m not able to go beyond "that" note. No watermelon, no freshness. "That" note petrifies me. But in this line I appreciate Je suis un Homme, Putain des Palaces, Rien, Nombril Immense, Charogne. On Marzipan, Jasmin et Cigarettes was divinely with a huge, fresh, jasmin note, and someone (perhaps Roxy) was enchanted by Rossy de Palma rose fragrance, both devastating on them, but horrible on me (continues).
Vero Profumo website

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