19 gennaio 2010

Incontro di Giovedì 21 /Thursday 21st meeting

Giovedì 21 è previsto il terzo incontro da Caleri. Parleremo di come vengono estratte le note legnose e resinose, e come vengono usate nei profumi d'arte. Non parleremo di tutte, purtroppo è stato necessario operare delle scelte (c'è un limite a quello che si può raccontare e sniffare in un'ora e mezza). La scelta è caduta su: legno di Sandalo, legno di Cedro, legno di Guaiaco, Patchouli, Incenso, Benzoino, Oud.
Mi sono rimaste fuori alcune resine che amo (Mirra e Opoponax, Galbano, Balsamo del Tolu) e alcuni legni poco usati.
Pazienza, sarà per una prossima occasione. Intanto sono arrivati i sintetici che farò annusare accanto ai naturali per capire le differenze e le particolarità.
Quali profumi annuseremo per capire come vengono usate le note? Sorpresa! Per ora non vi anticipo niente, ma ci saranno Bond N.9,  Honorè de Pres, Villoresi, Creed, Byredo,  Mona di Orio, Nez à Nez, L'Artisan Parfumeur... 

Thursday 21the third meeting at Caleri's will take place. We'll talk about how perfumery notes are extracted from woods and resins and how they're used in selective perfumery. Unfortunately it was necessary to make choices (there's a limit to what we can talk and sniff about in an hour and a half). The choice fell on: sandalwood, cedarwood, guaiacwood, patchouli, incense, benjoin, oud. I had to cut out some resins I love (myrrh and opoponax, galbanum, tolu balsam) and some little used woods. Meanwhile, I received synthetics we'll smell next to naturals, in order to understand differences and particularities. Which perfumes will I use to help my friends understand how notes are used to obtain effects? I'll anticipate only brands names: Bond No.9, Honore de Pres, Villoresi, Creed, Byredo, Mona di Orio, Nez à Nez, L'Artisan Parfumeur ...

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Michael Mattison ha detto...

Cara BeB,
I'd love to know just what makes "Timbuktu" so long-lasting, despite its lightness. It's earthy, woody, smoky, warm -- and yet light and pleasant. Usually, "light and pleasant" doesn't normally lead to a drydown worth mentioning -- but here it works pefectly. I'm wearing Timbuktu right now and love it. (It's like an improved version of "Comme des Garcons 2", which I also admire but find far too strong. "Timbuktu" offers strength without that overpowering aspect of CDG2.)
Looking forward to your new insights after your meeting at Caleri's. :-)

Bergamotto e Benzoino ha detto...

Hi Michael! I admire Duchafour's works in general and Timbuktu in particular, it mesmerizes me for your same reasons: powerful staying power without being too present on skin. Compliments for the nice choice!