Perris Montecarlo new release: Vetiver Java by Gian Luca Perris (2021)

Vetiver is duality made plant. 

The visible part is a bright green shrub whose long and thin leaves point towards the sky. The invisible part is a huge taproot embracing Mother Earth with such an exceptional vigor, difficult to overcome. 

Evidently, vetiver's essence, too, expresses the same duality -and Java vetiver even better than any other type. On the one hand, you smell the freshness, the clarity of a cold winter day, the “push” upwards, to touch Heavens. On the other hand, there's the woody-green, dry, earthy, warm, smoked facet, endowed with the primitive and unconscious elegance of wild creatures. You smell the powerful roots, the effort of freeing them from Mother Earth's embrace, to clean them, to dry them, to work them... the work of man, his desire to take possession of such an intense and intimate embrace, to feel wrapped in it. 

Capturing both these polarities is not easy; the composer must be able to listen deeply to the rew materials, and build a visceral relationship with them. Practically, you need Gian Luca Perris.

Heat and freshness, darkness and light, earth and sky... his Vetiver Java stretches now towards the Earth, now towards Heavens, in a Divine gymnastics of which anyone in the middle may benefit. 

Calabrian bergamot, grapefruit and Timur pepper, with its citrus and pungent scent, support the fresher facet of the vetiver, lighting it up with silver glows. Bourbon geranium provides a very natural floral/green scent, and by binding to Timur pepper it also contributes a spicy undertone.

The part that I love most is typically Java (that is, warmer, smokier, earthier), which creates a very long sillage with dry and woody tones, wrapped in an ambery note of great elegance. 

Vetiver Java is pure “Perris style”, that is, executed perfectly in every aspect, including a radiance of about a meter and an impressive longevity: at least eight hours on skin, a couple of days on clothes. 

A round of applause to Gian Luca Perris for this great accomplishment!

(pic here)