22 febbraio 2011

De Bachmakov - The Different Company, 2010

The sun is high in the sky; a crystal-clear sky, of blinding blue. There's a stiff breeze in the air, so cold it makes my eyes water. I’m forced to keep them half closed. I look around, I’m in a vast plain bordered by a rushing stream flowing away; at the edge of the river I see piles of snow, and shrubs of low, dark-green vegetation I don’t recognize, which fill the air with a rough, powerfully green smell. My palate keeps a vague memory of yesterday’s night vodkas, as dry and aromatic as this air, and as crystal-clear as this sky. No other humans are around; there's only silence, and the peace of nature. Winter is almost over, spring is coming. Finally, I’m in the right place at the right time.
This perfume of moving beauty has been specifically designed by Celine Ellena for Thierry de Baschmakoff, co-founder, along with J.C. Ellena (her father) of the brand "The Different Company". It's a tribute to him, to his Russian ancestors, to his homeland scents.
Highly pictorial and descriptive, it possesses an otherworldly elegance, due to the star of this fragrance is pure, transparent light.
It shows a perfect balance of different feelings: green, rough, dry, fresh, grassy, woody, alcoholic, all of them standing out in alternation without conveying a whole, blended feeling. Strangely, uncommonly beautiful.
From what I sense, the formula must be very short (bergamot, shiso leaves, nutmeg and coriander, freesia, cedar wood). But in this case “short” doesn’t mean minimalist: the perfume is articulate and well present on the skin from start to finish, and the length is perfect (at least 4 hours).
Although it perfectly suits both men and women, I'd like many men I know could stop wearing those boring mix of citrus and lavandin, and started wearing this... the world would turn into the right place  to be.

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