21 agosto 2012

Pitti Immagine Fragranze

Here I am again, after a few weeks of absence. Were you worried? No need, I only had a long working trip, then my holidays, and then a small surgical operation (nothing difficult but still annoying, of the kind which takes your forces away -which in this hot climate are already few!).
Well, I have some findings to share.

But first of all a question: what do you do from Sept. 14th to 16th?  I  for sure will be in Florence, at the Stazione Leopolda, where Pitti Immagine will hold the 2012 issue of "Fragranze".  This year the program will be  rich and interesting, with all major brands of artistic perfumery, as well as specially organized events, including a lecture by Chandler Burr.
The program can be found here, and I'll tell you more in the coming days.

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