20 dicembre 2012

Last minute Santa

Ok, let's pretend today is December 19th and still you haven't found a gift for that special someone who loves scent, but whose tastes you're not sure of, and therefore it's risky to give a bottle to. What else could you give scent-wise?
Being a perfume lover he/she will appreciate a gift voucher to spend in a niche perfumery, so they're free to choose what they really want to wear.
Or, you could give a scent-related book, and the choice may range according to prices and degrees of involvement in this topic:

from the classic "Perfume" novel by Suskind, to the more intellectual "Le miasme et la jonquille" by Alain Corbin, passing through a little more technical books, such as "Fragrances of the World" by Michael Edwards, now in its 29th edition or, in italian, "Il Profumo nel mondo antico/ Scent  in the ancient world" by C. Squillace, with a preface by Lorenzo Villoresi.
(I didn't mention the book "The Secret Language of Perfume/Il Linguaggio segreto del Profumo" because I know the author's a little too shy to advertise properly :-))

Those who wish to support the work of the only conservatorship of perfumes in the world can give (or give themselves!) the 50 euro annual registration with the SAO (Societè des Amis de l'Osmothèque). Those money will make a significant contribution to the preservation of the historical heritage of the perfume world, and will be something to be proud of.

Those who are approaching perfumery, or those who are already aware they love this topic and want to know more, but without committing too much, might like these two proposals by Mouillettes & Co. (in Italy, while  in France you have "Cinquieme Sens", that is the same thing).
- One Day as a nose, a 6 hours introduction course which allows to approach to the world of odors and, through the discovery of the rules of composition ends with the creation of a perfume
- The Olfactorium, a box containing 48 samples of raw materials, accords or market products allowing to "learn" the most  used fragrant notes.

There's plenty to chose from, isn't it?

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