18 gennaio 2017

New from Uermì: Or+Ange by Cecile Zarokian

For their "Uermì" line, the duo of founders, Aurora-Palmiro had asked talented Cécile Zarokian a warm and modern citrusy fragrance. Not a classic Cologne, all clean and sparkling freshness without any depth, but a real citrus scent with a roundness, an immediately perceptible modernity. And above all, different from all the others.
"Do you know how difficult it is to transfer an emotion?" - Aurora asks me during a cocktail party, at last edition of Pitti Fragranze - "I am aware of being a demanding customer who asks much to those who make my Uermì scents, but I have to say nobody ever came up with the exact scent I had in mind when I gave the brief. Yet I work with the brightest and most creative authors around!"
How do you explain this?
"Well, the fact is that you can force yourself to pass clearly the idea you have in mind, and on the other hand, the composers will do their best to get inside your vision and make it into a scent, but it always remains the vision of a single individual and therefore is linked to their subjective imagination, built through a lifetime of emotions, situations, memories ... ".
Passing a vision to another individual, expecting they will get the intensity and the meaning it has for you is almost impossible. It's something that belongs to you, to your sensibility, you can't say if the words you are using to explain it will cause to others the same emotion with the same power.
For this reason sometimes I completely neglect the novels behind the fragrances I review and I focus on the "juice" and that's it. I just think that the idea should be just an excuse to get there to compose, or to call a composer and tell him/her to get to work, guiding them to your idea. If the fragrance is good, that even without any history behind it it will stand on its legs. If the fragrance is unworthy, no story will improve it.

Tomorrow I'll post the description of Or + Ange by Uermì.

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