29 giugno 2013

L'Homme Infini (Yann Vasnier for Divine, 2012)

There are men who seldom speak, but when they do, their rough voice is difficult to forget. 
They move easily, naturally, you'll never see them perform blatant gestures.
They wear short, bristly beards, and wrinkled, blue-gray tweed jackets, their elegance being so understated that you risk of not noticing them ... but they've already noticed you.
Those men have a candid smile, tiny wrinkles on the sides of their eyes and sharp thoughts, which hardly share with others.
They rarely get angry for real: generally they're content with a stormy sea.
Those men wear L'Homme Infini, a new offering in the Divine brand, inhabiting both the realms of classic and modern.

The citrus-y depart blends to perfection with spices creating a dry, bitter, feel where black pepper and coriander show a woodsy facet linking in with a woody accord among the most beautiful around: elemi, vetiver, cedarwood, oak moss and agarwood.
Some might feel, in the opening, a similarity with Terre d'Hermes, but let it settle for a moment on the skin and you'll enjoy a fresher development, more on the rough and woody side -even slightly smoky (benzoin)-, very different from Terre.
A real similarity, however, there is with "Bang" by Marc Jacobs (same author), but Bang was created for a brand with a wider distribution, thus its dry and smoky facets have been  surrounded by a modern aura of transparent brightness, of which L'Homme Infini can easily do without in favor of a more "niche" originality. Putting it in other words: Bang is located in a neat, bright, serene surrounding, while L'Homme Infini is a day of low clouds on a beach in Brittany. It's a demonstration of how a similar accord, by the same composer, takes different directions according to the needs of the brand and the type of distribution the fragrance will have. I like Bang a lot, but L'Homme Infini... well, is true love.
Yann Vasnier's work for Divine is consistently outstanding: if those created with a woman in mind -like "L'Ame Soeur", "L'Etre Aime" etc.- are beautiful, elegant, exciting, those created with a male image in mind -like "L'Homme Sage", "L'Homme de Coeur"- are devastatingly beautiful, full of vibration and unexpected depths. In my opinion, Divine is one of the few brands to offer perfumes "for him" that really live up to the beauty of the male universe (at least, of the men I know).

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