8 febbraio 2014

Castello di Ama: the sprays!

Some time ago I wrote about a line of candles I love, named "Castello di Ama” (website here): they're among the few candles that I actually burned completely (usually I get bored before). In particular, I appreciated the wax melting evenly and the scents, smelling great even when the candle isn't lit and fully saturate a room when it is. Moreover I especially loved the four fragrances: four seasons to spend in a farm in the Tuscan countryside, enjoying the smells that the land emanates in each season. Now the same fragrances are put into sprays, and in recent weeks I tried them with great pleasure.
The first thing I noticed is that Michele from "Infragranti Perfumeur" did a great job, for the fragrances in the sprays are just the same of the candles; these latter provide a sense of opulent, soft roundness, while sprays, having alcohol as carrier, are more dry,  fresh and immediate, even if fragrances are just the same.
I have a soft spot for "E poi la notte/And then the night", a tuberose/jasmine accord nightly narcotic, very sensual that wraps you up in its coils, and "Nel caminetto verdeggia/At the fireplace” which incorporates dry and woody notes
"Camminar per bianche strade/Strolling among white roads" and "Nunzio Primaverile/Spring arriving" instead, are all played on green and refreshing notes with aromatic accords; Nunzio smells as a typical Mediterranean countryside (verbena, lavender, mint), while Camminar is characterized by a note of anise.
Another thing that I liked (and which unfortunately isn't always obvious) is that fragrances last long in the air -and "long" means I have to smell them clearly all day and the next day I should still detect a trail, a hint but perceptible.
If you happen to have them near, definitely give them a try!

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