Esxence report 4: Eau d'Italie's Graine de Joie

Graine de Joie by Firmenich's Daphne Bugey is the eleventh fragrance launched by the Italian niche house Eau d'Italie (site), a brand constantly launching fragrances beautiful and/or interesting (as well as some masterpieces), at an amazing annual pace.
Graine de Joie is exactly like you would expect looking at the pack and knowing the history of Eau d'Italie: a teenage riding her shiny red bike in the summer,  going to meet her boyfriend. It's a mischievous smile, a sunray, a cherry lollipop, a sunset cocktail, a fire-red dress with white sunglasses. 
The scent is sweet-sour with red fruit and ripe pomegranate, and gently floral with freesia. At the base, cedar wood and a handful of those bright white musk Firmenich is a specialist of;  some flankers of Bulgari Omnia (Crystalline, Amethyst and Coral) come to mind, all suffused with the same sophisticated, luminescent trail.
Graine de Joie is simple, naive, she only intends to make you smile. With me she was successful, and since it lives long on skin (3-4 hours) the smile extended with great satisfaction. I saw her like the naughty little sister of Aqua Decima and Jardin du Poete: same carefree, holiday feel, same research of immediacy and well-being. I like the "frivolous" new direction Eau d'Italie is taking, I find it so much fun, well executed and totally consistent with the brand.


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