18 aprile 2014

Versace L'Homme (original, 1984-86)

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I've been testing Versace L'Homme for several days now, and every time I wear it I find myself asking: "Why I knew nothing of this perfume?"
It feels contemporary and well structured, with many different facets, none of which goes "lost": the citrus opening is dry and bitter, the aromatic facet features a beautiful, expensive basil note not so easy to find, the floral heart is refined with rose and carnation, and the woody base is all cedar, sandalwood and patchouli; after twenty minutes then, a touch of soft skin -like a pair of comfortable suede moccasins- emerges, making this scent unforgettable. Also, it has a more than satisfactory presence on skin, projects enough without overdoing, and lasts a lot: a good eight hours!
Somewhere I read that this perfume was created with a gay public in mind, and I think that anyone who has written it was right: I don't remember how  gays used to be in the '80s, but the ones that are my friends today are cultivated people, open and smiling, of immediate appeal. And so is this fragrance: open, sultry, with a tender heart inside and confident. Even determined. VLH is a child of the 80s (I'd say 1986, but some say 1984 -see the comment hereunder) and a certain exuberant confidence is in his DNA. Italian perfumery of the '80s was refined, avant-garde, full of a fine taste instantly recognizable, and most had [i] character [/ i]. For me, VLH is one of the best Italian men's fragrances of all time, I have following scents in my nostrils and now I understand they had been influenced by this marvel. But I never would have discovered if I had not participated in the game!

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Anonimo ha detto...

Ciao, due appunti per correggere il post: l'originale è del 1984 e quella foto è della versione degli anni '90, si riconosce dal font di Versace sulla bottiglia. La prima versione ha scritto Versace in minuscolo con la "V" maiuscola, così:


Marika Vecchiattini ha detto...

...In effetti alcuni siti si trova datato al 1984, su altri al 1986... mumble mumble... comunque ho deciso di seguire la tua segnalazione e inserire anche il 1984, proprio perché non c'è univocità e io non me lo ricordo. Grazie per la segnalazione e per il link!
(Lascerò questa foto perché si riferisce alla versione che più facilmente si incontra nei negozi... e magari qualcuno lo riconosce e gli vien voglia di farci un giro! ;-)