9 dicembre 2015

Ephemera by Unsound: Bass, Noise and Drone 2/2

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The three fragrances have a strong impact and are quite intense, with a life that surprised me: hours and hours on skin, even days on clothes! Naturals contained in them accent and offer interesting shades, but are the synthetics the ones which provide stability to the compositions over the hours, which are quite linear throughout their duration.

Bass is a beautiful and very challenging aromatic dominated by mastic, combined with incense, cedarwood and oakmoss, plus a hint of tea (that special tea with leathery and smoky notes, Lapsang Suchong type); I also detect IBQ (but maybe it is the mastic/leather/tea accord, that gives that "smoked leather" effect). The result is fascinating, with a very strong personality, intense, dark, bitter, cold, vaguely ominous and thus irresistible. I've worn it with true joy, this is an exciting scent.

Noise is the most wearable of the three, bright aldehydes (so many) and ozonic notes are supported by cistus labdanum and accented by saffron and black pepper. The result is intriguing, fresh, bitter and dry up total astringency, and carries a certain outside-the-box elegance. Good job, both intellectually speaking, and in terms of wearability.

Drone is the only one I really found it hard to wear. It unleashed an emotion of fear so evident and unpleasant that I'm not sure I could understand it properly, and then if I can tell you about it as I should. There are aldehydes. Aldehydes, aldehydes and some more aldehydes. To further cool the juice, a note of cold juniper and bright white musks. The result reminds me of a surgical room: disconcertingly cold, metallic, aseptic -surgical, I'd say- and dazzling. I imagine some people are surely searching the world for a scent like this…

In their website there's an online store selling a sample set for 10 euros, if you feel like making the whole experience, that's a good starting point!

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