8 marzo 2016

New Line: HomoElegans

HomoElegans (website here) is the brand created last year by Francesco Gini (Gini Fragranze) and Maurizio Piazzi, lovers of all artistic, literary and musical expressions, convinced that fragrance, too is part of the way you see life and the world.
The first two fragrances in the “HomoElegans” line, named "Tadzio" and "Quality of Flesh" were composed by Michele Marin of Infragranti Parfumeur who, for Gini Fragranze had already composed three beautiful candles (here).
I was looking forward to trying these two perfumes, because I know Francesco Gini a bit, and I know he loves strong, exciting fragrances, and mostly because I know Michele Marin, too and I know he is at ease when he's allowed to use natural, rich-smelling raw materials, which he manages to expose the more intimate and less obvious facets.
Given the name HomoElegans I was expecting something elegant/sophisticated, or something natural/outdoors-y. Instead, I was taken aback by two totally abstract fragrances, engaging and, surprise surprise, overtly sexual, especially Tadzio. 
There is much talk about sensuality in perfumery, but sexuality is different. Excluding Hypnotic Poison (first version), Womanity, Secretions Magnifiques and a few others, fragrances whose sexuality is blatant and together also nice on skin, are not many. 
Tadzio and Quality of Flesh are two well-structured, intense, "full-bodied" scents, but they become also very interesting once you understand what they are inspired by
Both fragrances express a personal vision of perfumery which is modern and original, you feel the team has worked together with the same idea and the same sensitivity.
I can only congratulate with Francesco, Maurizio and Michele, if the first two outputs of HomoElegans are of this quality, I can not wait to wear the next.
(reviews are following in the next days)

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