11 agosto 2017

New from Nobile 1942: 1001

I liked 1001, Luca Maffei's new work for Nobile 1942 (website here) at first sniff. I was charmed by its intense freshness, holding on skin for hours, which is not an easy result to obtain. It is due to a bright, dry, green accord of bergamot, pink pepper, ginger, papyrus, elemì and incense that work together creating a wire binding top, heart and base and making the fragrance subsequent in all its lifetime. Very pleasant and well orchestrated. 
But the perfume is not all there. 
To make it more engaging a soft, voluptuous undercurrent was introduced, consisting of turmeric, rose, patchouli and sandalwood, melting into each other and blowing a warm, exotic, rather sensual breath, which helps bring out the freshness of the other notes and give body and roundness to the whole fragrance. 
I bet it was not easy to introduce all this opposing materials in the same scent without transforming it into a total chaos, but Luca has accomplished this task successfully: the result is complex and multifaceted, rich, fascinating from start to finish, just like the Thousand and One Tales that mythical heroine Sheherazade used to tell every night to King Shahriyar to save her life. 
And just like her tales, fully enjoyable both by male and female audience.
1001 has a pretty good projection, without overdoing, and lasts a few hours. On skin and fabric comes out quite differently: fabric emphasizes the fresher notes, on skin the fragrance is more complete.
If Stefania Giannino, Creative Director of Nobile 1942, was planning to start a new path for her brand, I would say the chosen  direction is at least exciting!

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