Nobile26: Nobile 1942 pays homage to Carlo di Borbone

 In recent days I have been in Naples, discovering the new perfume of #Nobile 1942.

Stefania and Massimo Nobile, Neapolitans living Genoa for a few decades, thought of paying homage to their hometown through a perfume inspired by a character that Neapolitans have always loved: Carlo di Borbone. 

The perfume bears the name #Nobile26 because twenty-six are the virtues attributed to Carlo's personality, lifestyle, and thought: fortress, prudence, philosophy, music, peace, meditation, truth, constancy... and many others. 

In Piazza Dante, in Naples, the allegories of the twenty-six virtues, sculpted in white marble, were placed in plain sight on the Carolingian Forum, as an imperishable memory of the city's love for an enlightened ruler, who had done so much for her through his far-sighted politics, cultural impulse and the construction of wonderful monuments.

Right from the Carolingian Forum started the tour of wonders through the #SitiReali (Royal Venues) such as the Royal Palace and The Capodimonte Museum, the Archaeological Museum, and the only Concert Hall in the city, named #Napulitanata, where I listened to a concert of popular music that I did not expect I would like so much. The duo of artists (Antonio Sacco on trumpet, Mimmo Matania on accordion), very young and very prepared, subtracted all the clichés from the most famous Neapolitan folk songs, and played them "nude", without pathos or excessive folklore, indeed, with cleanliness and modernity that won me over and that I absolutely recommend going to listen in person (for info, click here).

I insert some random pics among the thousand I took during the visits at the Royal Venues, which are so rich in masterpieces of inestimable beauty that I can not select only "something"...

The National Archaeological Museum, for example, houses a large collection of Greco-Roman marbles and refined mosaics from the nearby town of Pompeii, so beautiful as to take your breath away (above, you see a collection of ointments containers in glass, from the Roman era). 

In the National Museum of Capodimonte, on the other hand, there are ten paintings by Titian, as well as numerous paintings by Raphael, Caravaggio, Mantegna, Correggio, Perugino, Masaccio, Artemisia Gentileschi, and so many others... 

But what excited me most of all was the staircase of Palazzo Reale: a monumental, impressive, yet light, aerial, and very bright environment. 
The feeling is that is not marble, but an extremely well-shaped sugar paste...

Naples literally left me speechless for the beauty of its monuments and the extraordinary collections they preserve, thanks to the foresight of men of culture who believed in the value of Beauty, sought it or had it created specifically, and then carefully preserved it so that it could reach us. 
Thank you, Stefania and Massimo Nobile, and above all thank you Carlo di Borbone, for creating so much Beauty.


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