Nobile26: a perfumed portrait of Carlo di Borbone

Massimo and Stefania Nobile organized the visit to the #sitireali of Naples (the Royal Venues, see previous post) to share the inspiration behind their new perfume, #Nobile26, built as an olfactory portrait of Carlo di Borbone, King of Naples in the mid-eighteenth century, loved by the population for its far-sighted politics, for the cultural impulse it gave to the city and for the numerous, monumental architectural works built to improve prestige and beauty.

The first thing that can be perceived from the portrait designed by Nobile1942 is the citrus/orange blossom accord, endowed with a lively, fruity sweetness, to which pink pepper contributes with its sparkling and pyrotechnic personality. 

This top accord outlines a sensitive and cheerful soul, accustomed to kindness: it is said that when he and Maria Amalia of Saxony, married by proxy, met for the first time, she bowed before him, but the King ran to meet her supporting her and preventing her from completing the gesture. A true gentleman, in short, more attentive to relationships than to court etiquette...

The King had a strong temperament and was a lover of the outdoors: the accord helichrysum-licorice-nutmeg-patchouli brings a dry, herbaceous feeling, evoking long rides in a warm, benign nature, immersed in golden light, and is the perfect glue between the heart of the fragrance and its base, built around a silky and elegant combination of coffee, woods, vanilla and tonka bean. The coffee is present because it was Carlo who spread in Naples the use of drinking coffee, which he had discovered thanks to the monks of the Monastery of San Francesco da Paola.

Thanks to the perfect integration between heart and base accords, Nobile26 is a bright, enjoyable combination of sweetness and severity, of elegance and joy of life, perfectly at ease both on the male and female skin, with the sweet fruity notes of the top dominating the first half-hour, followed by the licorice-helichrysum-woods-coffee accord, defining in a drier and manly way the whole second part. 

For those who wish to try it, Nobile26 is in pre-sale on the Nobile1942 website (click here). A heartfelt thank you to Stefania and Massimo Nobile (photographed on the beautiful terrace of Palazzo Reale) for this opportunity!